BB Glow

BB Glow
BB Glow provides more visual benefits than any other facial treatment. It provides instant and long lasting coverage. The result includes a visible reduction of wrinkles, even skin tone and radiance.

Also, the method can help to reduce the appearance of spots and lighten the skin. Also, color changes on the skin caused by acne can be corrected with BB Glow.

The BB Glow method is a safe and non-invasive technique that provides bright and fresh skin to each client. This revolutionary technique combines the efficiency of nano-needling with the result of semi-permanent makeup.
Benefits of BB Glow

Instant Glowing & Radiant skin complexion Hydrated skin Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles Reduction of dark circles under your eyes Reduction of blackheads and pores Infusion of antioxidants, vitamins, & anti-aging ingredients Evens out blemishes and discolorations Reduces melanin content in the skin before and after UV exposure Covers up redness (rosacea) and broken capillaries

BB Glow Steps

DEEP CLEANSING (A custom cleanser will be chosen based on your skin type to help remove any surface debris and oil) EXFOLIATION (Exfoliating gel is applied to gently clean pores and remove dead skin cells to assist in the absorption of the bb glow serum) NEUTRALIZATION (Toner is used to reestablish the skin’s optimal pH reducing redness and hydrating the skin) CARBOXY THERAPY - Addon (Revolutionary needle-free carboxy therapy helps boost skin's metabolism and natural production of oxygen providing deep down hydration. Skin will look dramatically brighter, fresher and more even toned after one use. ) BOOSTER SERUM - Addon(A custom booster serum is hand tailored to your skin needs and applied using micro-needling to boost the effects of the BB Glow application) BB GLOW SERUM (BB Glow serum will be chosen according to your desired shade and will be infused using micro-needling technology) BIO-SILK MASK (A hydrating mask will be applied over the BB Glow serum to ensure it does not dry out while providing hydrating and soothing effects to your skin) LED LIGHT THERAPY (with the mask and BB glow serum still on your face clients will have medical grade LED Light therapy applied for an additional 15 mins to enhance results) PEPTIDE REPAIR (A professional grade peptide cream will be used to restore and soothe the treated skin)

What to do after a BB Glow Session?

Do not expose yourself to the sun; Do not use sunscreen, makeup or other products on the skin until 24 hours after the session; After 24 hours, use color sunscreen every 4 hours; Use hyaluronic acid-based serum every day; Cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin morning and night;

Setup, Consultation and Procedure

Most of our clients ask us to go ahead and start the procedure after the consultation. Consultations are mandatory before any first time procedure. This is true even (especially) if you’ve had it done somewhere else. We assess your skin type and condition, relevant medical background, lifestyle, goals, desires, and any upcoming special events that affect your scheduling. We’ll then discuss the various treatment methods available, the pros and cons of each as they apply to you personally, and any preparation you’ll want to do in order to maximize your results. After the procedure is done, we will provide you with the post care instructions and take home package.

What are the benefits of BB Glow

You may ask what are the benefits of BB Glow? Since it's a makeup, it's obvious that it will make your face more beautiful in the way you want, just like the Korean ones. But facial treatment also has other benefits such as: BBGlow Reduces Skin Discoloration; BBGlow Stimulates Collagen Production; BBGlow Reduces Freckles and Spots Caused by Acnes; BBGlow Provides Pore Reduction; BBGlow Decreases Skin Oil; BBGlow Recovers tired and aged skin; BBGlow Improves the appearance of rosacea BBGlow Lightens Dark Circles;

Where can BB Glow be done ?

Treatment can be performed on the face, lap, hands and neck. It can also be applied to black skin, care is the same for all skin types and tones. It can be done from the age of 18.

How long does BB Glow session last for ?

On average, the session lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour, but it can vary according to the region to be treated. The time required to do a next session is at least 21 days. An average of 4 sessions are required. Results appear within the first 24 hours after the procedure is performed.

Different types of BB Cream

The term BB Glow is derived from the term BB cream which stands for blemish balm, blemish foundation, baby balm and, in western markets, beauty balm. The products are bases, moisturizers and sunscreens at the same time. In addition to BB Glow which consists of one treatment, there are other treatments involved such as BB Blush focused on the color tone of the cheekbones. This treatment works in the same way, using assets with hyaluronic acid and vitamins. There is also the BB Lips focused on the lips. The objective is to renew them and temporarily increase the shape of the lips, with a shine aspect. BB Glow can last up to 9 months while BB Blush and BB Lips can last around 3 months.


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