Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

Laser Rejuvenation Treatment
Laser facial resurfacing is a gentle way to rejuvenate, remove wrinkles and narrow pores. The procedure tightens, smoothes and significantly seals the skin.
During laser resurfacing, the vaporization process takes place. This means that the top layer of the epidermis is removed as delicately as possible. The energy of the laser penetrates into the cells, being converted into heat. Heat vaporizes the moisture in the cells, destroying them.
As a result, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed, and the active synthesis of collagen and elastin is started. In place of the old, keratinized layer of skin, new cells grow.
What is the danger of laser facial resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing itself is a safe and effective procedure. However, there are cases in which there are possible risks of complications. The main problems are unprofessionalism and cheap forgery of the original CO2 Laser with incorrect parameters and an incorrect wavelength of 10.6 microns.

Why do you need laser resurfacing for face and body?

Fractional resurfacing resolves many skin imperfections. We work with two lasers: the delicate Coolaser CO2. CO2 laser is used for delicate skin exfoliation with quick recovery, it is suitable for deep laser resurfacing, as well as the removal of complex scars. Smoothes fine and deep wrinkles Eliminates expression lines around the eyes and mouth Eliminates scars Evens out complexion Removes age spots Removes acne and chickenpox scars

What is the best aftercare following laser resurfacing?

Once the skin is healed, daily sunscreen is important to wear for patients with concerns about brown spots, a prescription skin brightener cream with hydroquinone and Vitamin A or C will prevent recurrence.

When can laser face resurfacing be done?

Any time of the year is suitable for the procedure. Subject to the use of protective SPF products for skin type and refusal to sunburn.

Am I a good candidate?

You may wonder if you are a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing. Here are some general criteria: Not recently tanned Not pregnant No history of light-triggered seizures No recurrent cold sores or active skin infection No implanted medical devices No history of strong sensitivity or allergy to light (photosensitivity)

When will I see results?

The results tend to appear in the weeks following the treatment. Save yourself several thousand dollars and weeks of downtime by opting for this non-invasive treatment rather than a facelift.


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